Research results on resource-efficient processes

The Industrial Graduate school Resource-smart Processes is an initiative to further develop today’s processes in the forest-, textile- and chemical industries through better use of bio-based raw materials.

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Circular Textile Innovations Sweden

The goal of the project “Circular Textile Innovations Sweden” is to contribute to a more sustainable textile industry.

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Bio-based materials on the rise in the outdoor industry

More and more people seek out nature. So perhaps it is not so strange that BioInnovation has seen an increase in the number of research projects linked to outdoor life.

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BioInnovation is a strategic innovation program initiated by the Swedish Forest Industries Federation, IKEM (the Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden) and TEKO (Swedish Textile and Clothing Industries Association). The program is funded by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas as well as by the participating stakeholders from business, academia, institutes and public sector. Our mission is to create the best conditions for the development of the Swedish biobased sector, and to create sustainable solutions for a global market.


Production of edible mushroom – and biofuel!

A highly original research project on developing joint production of edible mushroom and biofuel is Comush – a part of the innovation project BioEconomy 2.0 – Improved valorisation of residue streams.