Roast with pellets: Pellets technology for the process industry – step 1

The project ran between June and December 2022.

This project intended to test the hypothesis that it is possible to run a coffee roast with pellets in such a way that the emissions are almost odorless, that the taste of the finished coffee is positively affected and that it is possible to run the process with a mixed fuel consisting of wood pellets and coffee chaff from roasting and thus make the process CO2 neutral and circular.

The project has achieved good results, largely thanks to a committed team of project partners where the project benefited greatly from each other’s special knowledge and experience. It has laid the foundation for an innovative solution to one of the problems which probably is patentable.

There has been problems with lead times on important components, as well as with incorrect dimensioning of the burner preventing some samples: The project has still managed to achieve results on following deliverables:

· Verify the stability of the flame when mixing coffee husks.
· Verify that no significant amounts of particles from the burner reach the roaster.
· Verify the input function of the mixed fuel in the burner.
· Clarify the need for cooling before the beans can be released into cooling troughs without risk of smell.
· Develop/optimize the control system to use minimal energy for odor reduction.
· Measure and document the energy consumption per kilogram of roasted coffee.
· Carry out taste tests of roasted coffee.


SCA Energy AB, Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters AB, ÄFAB and Hästevik Coffee Roasters AB.


The project’s budget was 938 000 SEK.