About us

Collaboration for increased innovation

Our vision is that Sweden will have converted to a bioeconomy by 2050! A bioeconomy means a society based on renewable biological resources.

For the vision to become reality we need a strong, co-operative industry and to work across disciplines. We need new knowledge from research and development and new forms of co-operation. That’s why we have BioInnovation.

BioInnovation is a strategic innovation program financed by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas as well as the participating stakeholders. The goal is to create the best possible conditions for increasing the pace of innovation. We do this by connecting ideas, actors and capital to create competitive and bio-based materials, products and services.

Biobaserade krukor

Our goals

• Creating new bio-based materials, products and services.
• Create new forms of collaboration.
• To create systematic learning.
• Create the conditions for decision makers to make informed choices that support the conversion to a bioeconomy.

This is BioInnovation – video

Are you curious about BioInnovation’s areas of expertise, challenge and mission? In our video “This is BioInnovation” you will quickly get information about how the programme promotes the development of new bio-based chemicals, materials and products.