Our areas

Our vision is that Sweden will have converted into a bioeconomy 2050. In order for that vision to become a reality, several industries and sectors must work together in order to generate new solutions through research and development.

Chemicals & Energy, Materials, and Construction & Design are three areas where Sweden holds a strong position, and where there is currently great optimism. This is particularly evident in the strong investments that are being made on a wide front, both in production capacity and in research and development. To support sustained growth in the bioeconomy, research and development based on bio-based raw material needs to be further strengthened. At the same time, competitive solutions must be brought to market through new cross-border collaboration.

In the following section we describe the current situation for a number of areas where bio-based is the key. We highlight the challenges, opportunities, driving forces and needs that we consider to be particularly important for a growing bioeconomy:

Construction & Design
Chemicals & Energy

Each area has an Expert Team attached to it, which is led by an Expert Team Leader with the task of coordinating the work. We also have several companies and organizations involved in the program as stakeholders. Becoming a stakeholder will give you the opportunity to highlight the needs of your organization. Read more on how to become a stakeholder here.