What we do

From talk to action – time for change!

Since its inception in 2015, BioInnovation has held a number of calls for project proposals, and carried out events and activities in various forms. A large number of projects have been started with the aim of creating the conditions for new bio-based products, and increased cross-border collaboration. Here BioInnovation’s various activities are presented.

CALLS for prosals

The program’s thematic calls for proposals, are strategic initiatives within a variety of thematic areas with particularly significant potential to contribute to the development of a circular bioeconomy.

A fast track is necessary for this development, where new, visionary, high risk ideas with potential can be evaluated. This venture is called hypothesis testing, and is carried out in two steps. In the first step, during a six month period, a number of hypotheses will be tested and reported back on. In the second step, a smaller number of projects can expect to receive further funding for two years, in order to work on the hypotheses that have been confirmed.

INcreasing knowledge

In many contexts, the need for increased knowledge of bio-based materials is highlighted as a prerequisite for development. BioLyftet is an educational initiative helping small and medium-sized companies that want to start using bio-based, recycled or recyclable materials in their products.

Knowledge is a decisive factor when further steps in development are to be taken, so BioInnovation will continue to invest in disseminating information and increasing knowledge. Another important area of work concerns reaching agreement about terms, concepts, and standards. Operationalisation/Implementation of Sustainability Criteria and LCA is a major project, based on making European standards practically applicable to bio-based value chains.

venues and events

Another valuable source for development is the dissemination of project results and connecting actors together in new value chains, and the program’s conferences and meeting places are arenas for their promotion. One key aspect is the creation of favourable conditions which will allow BioInnovation’s annual conference to develop into an important arena for new knowledge, new contacts, for networks and for inspiration. BioInnovation strives to create more opportunities for stakeholders to meet and create new contacts in connection with our calls for proposals.

Collaboration – national and international

BioInnovation aims to contribute to highlighting Sweden’s position in the bioeconomics field. One important step is to strengthen the program’s international cooperation. Through increased international collaboration between research funders, companies and actors gain increased opportunities for creating strong, new constellations, and access to advanced research infrastructure. Important elements of this are calls for proposals made in collaboration with other countries, and inputs into the design of EU proposals, as are close cooperation with industry organisations and international technology platforms. For national collaboration, it is important to interact with strategic innovation programs, VinnVäxt environments, and other regional actors that are significant for the development of the bioeconomy.