Supervising Student Theses in Sweden – A guide for Companies

Are you working at a corporation or organisation in Sweden and are curious about the Swedish system of supervising student theses in higher education?

To the right you will find a guide meant to simplify the process for English speaking industry representatives and postgraduates supervising student theses in Sweden, with the end goal of boosting willingness to supervise. Being aimed at experienced and first-time supervisors alike, parts of the guide may seem obvious to some of you, while other parts might provide new knowledge and new perspectives on the role of supervisor. Hopefully it will answer any questions you might have and support you in your position as student theses supervisor!

Being a student supervisor is usually a rewarding experience. Not only does it tend to lead to personal growth, but student theses also strengthen the links between industry and academia. Since the student will apply theoretical knowledge on real industry problems, they’ll provide you with new perspectives based on cutting edge research. And the university gets access to valuable industry knowledge and insight through your expertise as supervisor, and the problem definition of the thesis. Many students view the thesis project as the most rewarding part of their education.