Nanocellulose as reinforcement for biobased and biodegradable materials

The project ran between December 2019 and April 2021.

Together with the Finnish project partners, FineCell has manufactured bio-based composites made from bio-PBS reinforced with FineCell’s microcellulose. By adding FineCell’s material combined with long fibers it was possible to obtain a material with properties like those for polypropylene, the most widely used plastic today. To better understand the rheological properties, modeling of the flow in a molding tool was done. The material was used to manufacture prototypes and the properties were evaluated with respect to disposable items. The prototypes were also subjected to degradation tests in soil with positive.

Within the project, analyzes have also been carried out regarding the business opportunity and the environmental benefits regarding the materials, and strategies have been formulated around how the material and the technology can be commercialized. To allow for a commercialization of the technology, FineCell has worked to optimize the production process of its materials, this has made it possible to propose processes that will reduce the production cost in commercial production.


FineCell Sweden AB, Elastopoli Oy and All-Plast Oy.


The project’s total budget was 2 770 000 SEK.