Renol the bioplastic from the forest – step 2

The project ran between August 2018 and December 2020.

Lignin Industries transforms lignin, the most abundant unused biopolymer on earth that grows in all living plants, into a renewable and functional biomaterial called RENOL®, and aims to supply the plastic industry with high performance granulates that will be converted into plastic bags, packaging materials, football pitch infill materials, or injection molded pieces.

The demand for plastic foresees a continued strong increase, nevertheless, the biobased plastic production capacity is insignificant. Since most of today’s bio-sourced plastics are made from food production such as sugar and corn, there are challenges in scaling as well as it is competing with the food production for the increasing population globally.

With the significant global volumes of lignin coming from the forest industry, lignin and RENOL® is one of the few – if not the only – scalable green material that can pose a realistic alternative to fossil-based plastics.


Lignin Industries (previous RenCom AB), Valmet AB och A.L.P.A.S.


The project’s total budget was 11 250 750 SEK.


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