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BioInnovation – Research and innovation for sustainable development

Climate change as a result of fossil emissions is one of the major challenges of our time. As the population of the world grows and economic opportunities increase, the demand for goods and services also grows. The accelerating consumption in society requires more natural resources, but resource consumption depletes our planet. Succeeding in creating economic growth without increasing climate emissions, and without depleting the resources of the earth, is absolutely crucial if we are to achieve sustainable production and consumption in the future.

Going forward, development is dependent on the use of more renewable and bio-based raw materials, resource-efficient manufacturing processes, and that we create materials with a low environmental impact throughout their whole life cycle. It also requires changes in consumer behaviour and circular systems. Put simply, the way forward is the circular bioeconomy.

BioInnovation is one of 17 strategic innovation programs in Sweden. The aim of the program is to promote bio-based development and innovation in three priority areas: Chemicals & Energy, Materials, and Construction & Design. This is a meeting place for companies and researchers from different industries and businesses and disciplines to develop together. By allowing knowledge, competence and development to form strong, valuable links, new business opportunities are created.

In BioInnovation’s Strategic Agenda, we take a closer look at the circular bioeconomy as a concept, and the bioeconomy area in general. In addition, we look at the conditions and requirements that will lay the foundation for the design of upcoming calls for proposals, and activities within the program.

Read the Strategic Agenda as a pdf.