Rapssåddi: Upcycling of Rapeseed cake climate smart protein and raw materials for new biobased products (BioEk 2.0)

The project ran between July 2017 and November 2020.

The project, that was part of the innovation project BioEconomy 2.0 – Improved valorisation of residue streams, has been focused on the up-cycling of protein from the agricultural by-stream rapeseed press cake. The extraction and isolation process have been optimized with regards to the protein yield both in lab scale and pilot scale. The resulting protein-rich sediment has been characterized in terms of dry solids, fat content, protein content as well as emulsifying properties and gelling properties. The proteins are sensitive to heat and therefore preservation in the absence of heat, merely with high pressure pasteurization have been examined. High pressures were associated to limited microbial growth but did also affect the protein yield negatively. Therefore, it was more efficient to run the isolation process first and apply pasteurization on the sediment rather than the rapeseed press cake. Texturization of the rapeseed protein in combination with yellow pea protein was tested and a fiber texture was achieved.


Lund University, Gunnarshögs Jordbruk AB, SwePharm AB, Aventure AB and Orkla Foods Sverige.


The project’s budget was 3 621 000 SEK.