Sustainable barriers for circular packaging – step 1

The project ran between April and October 2021.

The goal was to develop radically new materials that enable the integration of an environmentally friendly hydro- or oleophobic barrier on cellulose fibers used in DMF processes. The project proved that it was possible to produce such combined materials with very good results and potential economic viability, but that the carrier materials need further optimizations with further studies for industrial application.

By integrating completely environmentally friendly barrier solutions in DMF into new materials, the project significantly improved the durability of DMF products.

It is necessary to continue developing combined materials based on these results, but critical evidence about the principles was secured.

These results are a major step forward in facilitating the industrial shift towards sustainable and easily recyclable DMF packaging and therefore a more circular bio-based economy.


PulPac AB, OrganoClick AB and Nordic Barrier Coating AB.


The project’s total budget was approximately 1 MSEK.


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