Development of circular packagings based on the combination of DMF with bio-based barriers – step 2

The overall objective of the step 2-project is to reach the stage of the first industrial prototypes of the fully sustainable food packaging items based on the combination of sustainable cutting-edge chemistry (OrganoClick), material coating technology (Nordic Barrier Coating) and DMF (PulPac).

The project builds on the results achieved during the Step 1 project in which the consortium partners have demonstrated that it is possible to combine the involved technologies to reach a technological and sustainability breakthrough. The partners now aim to continue cooperation targeting actual in-line production tests.


PulPac AB, OrganoClick AB and Nordic Barrier Coating AB.

Budget & time plan

The project’s total budget is 8,3 MSEK and the project runs during two years – between May 2022 and May 2024.

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