Shaping of bio coal and seeds for vertical application in urban areas – step 2

Greenworks AB now focuses on producing the plant panels entirely from bio-based materials and has found bio-based alternatives to all components. A consortium has been formulated to investigate the possibilities of refining and producing a bio-based material that has been explored in step 1 hypothesis testing. Greenworks AB, together with EnviGas AB and RISE ETC AB, wants to form biochar pellets together with seeds and organic binder into a sheet material applicable for vertical use. The project will investigate whether these materials together can achieve the properties required by a plant substrate, allow seeds to germinate, and thus take the product to TRL 5.


Greenworks AB, RISE ETC AB, RISE AB and EnviGas AB.

Budget and time plan

The project has a total budget of 1,9 MSEK and the project runs between November 2021 and October 2022.

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