Bio-based growth media for vertical garden panels for urban ecosystem services – step 1

The aim of this project has been to evaluate new bio-based growth media deriving from residues of the forest industry. The purpose has been to replace finite sources of growth media and simultaneously benefit from existing industries production lines, and find alternatative uses of rest products. The outline of this project has been to compare biochar with pumice, using pumice as a reference point whilst comparing germination of seeds, rooting of cuttings, growth of plants, pH alterations and water absorption.

The application of this growth media is thought to be part of a larger project within the frames of Greenworks AB working profile. It is primarily to be used in vertical gardens. In order to evaluate the previously mentioned variables three separate test were conducted. One vertical test with plants, one horisontal test with plants, and one test focusing only on the growth medias ability to absorb water and how it may affect pH.


Greenworks AB, Ramboll/K-Lab, EniviGas Technology AB, RISE AB and RISE ETC AB.


The project’s total budget was 1 014 860 SEK.


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