Innovation in biobased ski equipment manufacturing – step 2

The project is based on two completed feasibility studies; In-b-pole and A Swedish snowboard made from Swedish biocomposite. In step 2 the project intends to further develop the technical and commercial potential of sustainable bio-based composites from Swedish renewable raw materials. Flax fiber in combination with bio-based resins, is a very promising alternative to fossil-based composites with synthetic fibers of glass and carbon. Compared to houses and cars, sports equipment has a relatively short lifespan. Therefore, it is also particularly important that these products become more environmentally friendly.

Historically speaking, sports equipment has also shown the way with new materials, as these products do not require as extensive testing and a margin of safety as, for example, aviation and automobiles. A sustainable bio-based high-performance Swedish alternative to the composite materials used today, would be very attractive for many different consumer and industrial products, and offer a new area of growth for the Swedish industry. KangPole, PodComp, University of Borås, RISE, Åre ski factory, 1000skis and Spinab has a common goal of an environmentally and economically more sustainable ski industry in Sweden.


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, KangPole, University of Borås, Podcomp, Åre skidfabrik, Spinab and 1000skis.

Budget & time plan

The project’s total budget is 3,3 MSEK and the project runs for 24 months – between November 2022 and November 2024.

In-B-Pole – Innovation in bio-based production of ski pooles – step 1
A Swedish snowboard made from Swedish biocomposite – step 1