A Swedish snowboard made from Swedish biocomposite – step 1

The present initiative aims to investigate the feasibility and marketable potential of skis and snowboards manufactured in biocomposites from Swedish renewable raw materials instead of traditional petroleum-based composites. Within the scope of the project, sustainable composite solutions that can fulfil the technical performance specifications and the manufacturing requirements for skis and snowboard will be investigated. Natural fibres such as linen or jute and bio-based resins synthesized from natural feedstock will be considered. A snowboard or ski demonstrator made from Swedish biocomposite will be manufactured. The sustainability aspect of the product will be assessed with LCA. The market potential and value chains that are suitable for the investigated materials and the final product will be evaluated.


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, TUR Snowboard, 1000skis and Åre Skidfabrik.

Budget & time plan

The project’s total budget is 960 420 SEK and the project runs during six months – between May and October 2021.