Forest Fabric – step 2

Forest Fabric builds on results from earlier projects and focus on increase mechanical properties and processability but also evaluating the market potential for textiles made from Swedish paper through feasibility studies and production of prototypes.

The project included 5 work packages covering the full value chain for textiles; raw material (1)-yarn production(2)-fabric production and product prototyping(3)-market feasibility studies(4) and project coordination(5).

Starting with a choice of craft papers from 3 different producers evaluated through textile processes such as yarn manufacturing, weaving, knitting, finishing and confection looking at properties and processability at each step.

The project was successful regarding functionalization of yarn for further production and the production of a variety of prototypes for evaluation and visualization. Strength and elasticity was increased but not to the needed level.

All processes have been scaled up to industrial level proofing the possibilities to meet a commercial production. Feasibility studies show a variety of possible end uses but also highlights some less suitable applications.


University of Borås, Smart Textiles och Akademin för textil, teknik och ekonomi (including Swedish School of Textiles), Ahlstrom-Munksjö AB, Ekelund, Linneväveriet i Horred AB, Fiber-X AB, GA Lindberg processteknik AB, House of Dagmar AB, Kinnarps AB, Mondi Dynäs AB, Nordic Paper Åmotsfors AB, Sjuhäradsbyggdens Färgeri AB, Aktiebolaget Svenskt Konstsilke, Mid Sweden University, RISE Processum AB and Fjällräven International AB.


The project’s total budget was 3,7 MSEK.