Digital information value chains in the bioeconomy

Identifying the opportunities offered by digitalisation and artificial intelligence for a growing bioeconomy is a necessity for Bioinnovation. 

For some time various stakeholders in the bio-based sector – raw material producers, manufacturers, constructors, architects and others – have produced large amounts of data, for example from forest surveys, timber sorting, process control/monitoring, quality controls, and so on. Historically, this information has not been passed on between the stages of the value chain in the same way as the material is, but rather new information has been created at each stage. 

The development of information management systems now enables the traceability and utilisation of this data, in an information value chain that follows the material value chain. Development of the information value chain leads to efficiency gains in logistics, processes, quality control and business systems, which benefits those industries that will be contributing to the transition to the bioeconomy. 

Purpose and objectives

The purpose and objectives of the area analysis were to: 

  • Clarify the role that BioInnovation can assume regarding digitalisation and AI linked, to the development of a circular bioeconomy in Sweden. 
  • Produce a report describing the potential of digital information value chains in BioInnovation’s area. 
  • Create increased understanding and commitment among BioInnovation’s stakeholders regarding the area’s potential. 
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration with other strategic innovation programmes in the field of digitalisation and AI.
  • Develop a basis for formulating a thematic call for proposals on digitalisation and AI, within the framework of BioInnovation’s allocated funds.  


Area analysis of digitalisation 
How can Sweden’s bio-based industry exploit the value of digitalisation and AI on the road towards a circular bioeconomy? 
Read the report here (pdf) 




Budget for the project

The project budget was SEK 500,000 and ran from 1 March 2019 to 1 October 2019.


BioInnovation and Swedish Centre for Digital Innovation (SCDI).

Project manager

Jonny Holmström
Director, Swedish Centre for Digital Innovation (SCDI)