Develop and manufacture a resealable consumer packaging based only on biomaterials – step 1

A container based on biofiber mat is formed solely from biomaterial. Two technologies have been used, forming with the addition of flexible forming tools and Ultra Hard Pressure which enables the formation of high-density materials of cellulose with high mechanical strength and to precise shapes and surfaces.

The container had a shaped upper part enabling closing, and the forming is performed in one forming step. The wall is not straight, but the opening has another average diameter than the diameter of the container and this makes the forming much more difficult. The fact that the height of the container is greater than the diameter of the container increases the degree of difficulty. Different qualities of the fiber material have been tested. The forming as such has been carried out without additives and the raw material is cellulose in a non-woven carpet.

To make the technology more industrially applicable, increased focus is required on a stable process and a shorter cycle-time.


RISE IVF AB and industry partnerts.


The project’s budget was 1 MSEK.

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