Biocarbon-based renewable bipolar plates for sustainable fuel cell technology (BioBPP) – step 1

The BioBPP project aims to develop biocomposite materials and advanced processing techniques for cost-effective production of renewable bipolar plates for fuel cell technology. The starting point is to verify the feasibility and profitability of using biochar compared to the state-of-the-art graphite. A successful project would mean a significant reduction in dependence on imported raw materials, such as graphite, for the development and production of bipolar plates and fuel cell systems in Sweden and Europe. It would also unleash the potential of renewable sources, increase the competitiveness of the Swedish bio-industry globally and contribute to the UN’s goals for sustainable development.


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (Department of Polymer, Fibers and Composites), SSAC AB (Scandinavian Scalable Advanced Composites) and Envigas AB.

Budget & time plan

The project’s total budget is 1 MSEK and the project runs during six months – between May and October 2022.