Bark-derived bio-adhesives for engineered wood panels – step 1

The project ran between November 2018 och May 2019.

Using bark as the main source for lignin, tannins and cellulose, the main goal with this suggested project is to develop a holistic use of bark for the production of bio-based environmentally friendly adhesives, free of formaldehyde, phenol, and isocyanates, for plywood production.

The target of viBRANt is to establish an integrated and sustainable process aiming for an effective extraction and fractionation method of softwood bark and to explore the potential for using the obtained lignin, tannin and cellulose fractions for development of biobased materials, for use as bioadhesive in plywood.

The long-term goal is to develop a process that would generate additional income for the forest industry by increasing the economic impact of biorefineries on the overall production chain, i.e. supporting a transit to a Swedish biobased economy with increased resource efficiency. The project will also offer the Swedish SME companies in the wood panel industry a sustainable alternative.


Luleå tekniska universitet, Sveaskog, Borås universitet, RISE SICOMP and Nefab.


The project’s budget was 668 000 SEK.