Area analysis textiles

The global demand for textile fibres is increasing rapidly. This constitutes a major societal challenge as the textile and fashion industry is one of the world’s most resource-intensive industries and its environmental impact is significant in several parts of the value chain. There is also great potential in developing the opportunities for textile recycling. 

At present, there are no obvious stakeholders gathering other stakeholders in the value chain around themselves, and there is no obvious single issue to focus on. Discussions between stakeholders in the value chain and researchers have shown the need to carry out an area analysis for the Swedish textile sector. Many important issues need to be highlighted going forward. 

The sustainability consultancy Trossa has assisted BioInnovation with an area analysis for Swedish bio-based textiles, presented in late spring 2020. The area analysis was conducted in two parts, partly a stakeholder dialogue to identify opportunities and challenges, and partly a number of round table discussions where the analysis is further developed and prioritised. The area analysis can be found on the right hand side of this page. 

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