Sustainable steel production by efficient use of discarded textiles – step 1

Photo from hte project.

The green transition necessitates utilizing resources in closed loops, to reduce the reliance on new fossil-based materials. In this project Kappahl AB, Höganäs AB and RISE AB, aim to evaluate the possibility of reducing fossil carbon dioxide emissions from steel production, by replacing fossil coal with a sustainably produced carbon made from discarded textiles, while making more efficient use of available resources, in this case discarded textiles. The project goal is to investigate the technical potential and sustainability gain of using textile waste, in the production of circular/biobased carbon for use in steel production.


Kappahl AB, Höganäs AB and RISE AB.

Budget & time plan

The project’s total budget is 500 KSEK and the project runs for 6 months – between May and December 2024.