Sustainable insulation material for post insulation of buildings

The project ran between June 2020 and June 2022.

A weather-resistant insulating building panel for exterior insulation of buildings has been developed. All desired material properties have been met and the panel contains <5% fossil-based material. Evaluations show that microspheres made from cellulose can be used in the material to make 100% bio-based material in a next step. It was proved difficult to combine weather resistance and biodegradability. The developed material should instead be reused or disposed as carbon-neutral combustible material. Two students and a postdoc have been engaged at LTU for recipe optimization and energy simulations with support from MoRe Research, HIPOR Materials and Nouryon PPC. LindePac manufactured a pilot plant for panel production. Synergies between two Vinnova projects have also made it possible for the development of new cellulose-based insulation materials that can be.


Nouryon Pulp and Performance Chemicals, LindePack, MoRe Research, HIPOR Materials and Luleå University of Technology.


The project’s total budget was 8 929 000 SEK.