Substitution of metal closures for biobased solutions

Blue Ocean Closures AB (BOC) is an innovative, sustainable start-up developing fiber closures such as caps and lids that are bio-based, ocean bio-degradable and recylable. Together with Swedish brandowner Swed-jam AB who manufactures food products and the Swedish research institute RISE, BOC wants to run a project with the goal and purpose to replace metal lids with fiber-based solutions.

No alternatives to metal screw lids exist on the market today. However, the project is based on a clear hypothesis, backed by requests from global customers, that a concept for recyclable lids made of paper fibers would meet requirements and market needs of more sustainable solutions. To replace a fossil raw material with a biobased material, that in addition has a far higher recycling rate compared to metal would mean a great impact in terms of decreased climate effects, potentially more than 500 000 tons of carbon dioxide footprint per year.

The project will through technology development within the production system, materials development, and product properties such as barriers and density achieve prototypes that will be tested in relevant industrial conditions. The project includes significant increase in market knowledge, consumer demands, costs and an analysis of sustainability parameters affecting the concept. This will alltogether form the basis for future plans to scale up and commercialise fiber-based closures on a global market.


Blue Ocean Closures AB, Swed-jam AB and RISE.