Streamateria Virtual Gateway – step 1

The project ran between November 2018 and May 2019. 

The goal was to test and demonstrate whether it is possible to – by using Swedish forest and a digital cutting board with a 3D printer head – produce compostable, tailored, garments with a short lifespan in a process that enhances the consumer experience, adds new design elements as well as creates new markets and faster, repeated material flows.

In order to create a new, biobased business model, the project also intended to link this process with a digital service, Streamateria, a virtual fitting room, Digimode and use a new, biobased material with a short lifespan that consists of a 3D printed reinforcement and foamed, biocomposite of cellulose.

The project aimed to create conditions for circular flows of biobased raw materials with a mechanical process that supports both the conversion to a biobased economy and the development of new experience-based, renewable business models for products and services. In short, this project was about creating the physical portal into a world of virtual design.


Guringo Designstudio, Högskolan in Borås and Almedahls.


The project’s budget was 407 000 SEK.