Renewable cellulose-based nonwovens as superabsorbents for the hygiene and healthcare sector – step 1

The project ran between May and November 2021.

This project has verified the potential for renewable cellulose derivative nonwovens, to replace fossil-based nonwovens and microplastic superabsorbing particles (SAPs). Commercialization potential of the technology has been verified by the nonwoven producer and product owner who are connected to hygiene and healthcare products.

The adaptation of the biobased nonwoven manufacturing process in an industrial setting has been planned to carry out for next step by one of the product owners in the consortium with help of RISE.

The product owner has large size of the market share for fossil-based nonwovens and SAPs in the hygiene and healthcare sector. The plan for this product owner to push the renewable and biobased nonwoven innovation to replace fossil-based SAPs is expected to impact largely in the UN SDG 9.4 and 12.5.


RISE IVF and three companies.


The project had a total budget of 1 270 000 SEK.