Quartzene as potential fire protection for surface treatment of wood – step 2

The Project has been able to develop a transparent clearcoat system for wood that meets the highest possible fire protection class for wood, Euroclass B. The coating is intended at enabling an extended use of wood as a sustainable and safe construction material where the aesthetical and architectonical qualities are enhanced by the visible aspect of the natural surface.

Accelerated tests show that the system may (after minor improvement) be used for internal application, whereas continued work is required to improve the resistance to the more challenging conditions in exterior application.

The product will be introduced to the market as an interior coating system by the commercial partners of this project. Continued development will be carried out to reach the properties required for outdoor use.


Svenska Aerogel AB, Worlée-Chemie, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Linnaeus University.


The project’s total budget was 5 MSEK.