PyCCS – Efficient and climate-smart production of biocoal – step 1

The project ran between November 2022 and October 2023.

The project will verify the operating parameters of an electrically driven pyrolysis furnace, hereinafter referred to as the PyCCS-kiln, which is a new concept concept for large-scale pyrolysis of biofuels. The pyrolysis process, where the heat transfer takes place in countercurrent, should favor the exchange of biocoal and synthesis gas with a high yield of high-quality biocoal in a process where energy consumption is minimized. At the same time, the process must handle a raw material with great variability, which keeps the raw material cost low.

Many of today’s production systems are based on fossil coal and oil being included as raw materials in the final products. In most of these systems, a bio-based coal can completely orpartially replace the fossil equivalent, but the availability of biocoal with a high carbon content is a limiting factor in being able to replace the fossil coal.


Luleå University of Technology (LTU) and PyCCS Kiln AB.


The project’s total budget was 975 000 SEK.