Processing bio-based Multilayer barrier Films towards fully circular packaging (ProMultiFilms)

The ProMultiFilms project seeks to position the Swedish industry at the center of a new industrial sector that produces high-performing, fiberbased packaging that can rival plastics in terms of price and performance, while being recyclable, compostable, and free of micro-plastics. The project aims to develop high-performance, bio-based barrier films for fiber-based packaging to meet the European strategy of phasing out plastics by 2030. To achieve this, Swedish industry leaders, including Stora Enso, Hoting Innovations, and Bioextrax, will collaborate with RISE to generate new know-how on bio-based barrier film development and processing within a circular economy framework. This involves overcoming challenges related to identifying and modifying bio-based raw materials, integrating different processes for producing bio-based films and multilayers, and ensuring recyclability and compostability. The project will assess the technical, economic, and environmental feasibility of these processes, and explore new chemical modification and plasticizing strategies, using alternative processing strategies.


Stora Enso, Hoting Innovations AB, Bioextrax AB and RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden).

Budget & time plan

The project’s total budget is 8 125 000 SEK and the project runs for two years – between August 2023 and August 2025.