Printed cellulose-fiber based conducting gel produced at pilot scale for cardiovascular monitoring – step 1

The three objectives of the project are high performance heart patches, conductive gels and modified cellulose fibers for a variety of applications. Today, Beneli acts as the converter of conductive hydrogels into cardiovascular heart patches that are sold to different clients around the globe. These commercial hydrogels are bought from material suppliers. After a successful Hypotesprövning step 1, the idea is for Lignin Industries to start producing the new modified cellulose fibers for both conducting hydrogel companies and for other applications.

There is also an intention to start a new company specializing in the production of conducting gels based on the modified cellulose fibers, so that Beneli can apply these directly in their cardiovascular heart patches. KTH will bring state-of-the-art competence on how to prepare the conducting gels. RISE will coordinate the project and will develop a method on how to prepare tailored modified cellulose fibers on a pilot scale, based on their test & demo facilities and competence.


RISE AB, KTH, Lignin Industries AB and Beneli AB.

Budget & time plan

The project’s total budget is 800 000 SEK and the project runs for six months – between May and November 2022.