Pressure Sensor Matrix Using Conductive Carbon: Cellulose Nonwoven for Health Care – step 1

The project will further develop a cellulose-based solution to create functionalized nonwoven materials. The degree of innovation is high because graphene/carbon-doped cellulose fibers are created with a new production method and integrated into a nonwoven product (cellulose-based nonwovens). We aim to create a novel type of bio-based pressure sensor matrix. Applications are ample in many market segments, such as healthcare, automotive, air filters and more. The project is organized in a clear value chain from research to application and the ambition is to scale up this effort if the project succeeds.

Carbon black:cellulose nonwoven fabric can be produced through a unique solution process. The material leads electricity, and it shows excellent pressure sensitivity with fast and clear response.

Within the project, we will conduct interviews with healthcare professionals to understand the need and simultaneously pave the way for a market introduction. By doing this we will establish relationships to create a larger consortium for the next step of the project.


RISE AB, RISE Innventia AB, Cellcomb and 2D fab.

Budget and time plan

The project’s total budget is 700 kSEK and the project runs during six months – between November 2021 and May 2022.