Pressure Sensor Matrix Using Conductive Carbon: Cellulose Nonwoven for Health Care – step 1

The project ran between November 2021 and May2022.

Enormous amount of work has been done in recent years on flexible sensors for different applications, such as pressure, humidity and temperature sensors, as well as various biosensors. Pressure sensors has been the most studied one, since it facilitates different applications, e.g., robotics, E-skin, wearables, and patient/health care.

There are mainly two types of pressure sensors: a resistive type and a capacitive type. The resistive type is easy to read and is gaining the mainstream of the area.

The aim for the project was to test the hypothesis of creating a pressure sensor matrix using bio-based materials. The project has successfully achieved its goal, through the close and efficient collaboration among the partners.

The result is the first ever cellulose nonwoven-based pressure sensor matrix. Metallic material is completely excluded in the sensor build up, carbon particles in cellulose nonwoven fiber act as the sensing material and carbon fiber is used as cable leads.


RISE AB, RISE Innventia AB, Cellcomb and 2D fab.


The project’s total budget was 700 000 SEK.