Novel nanofiber-based carrier material in cell expansion – step 1

The project ran between May 2021 and February 2022.

The aim of this project was to validate the use of a cellulose-based nanofiber material developed by Cellevate AB in cell culture applications. Scientific evaluation included cell viability, effect on cell differentiation and novel cell detachment methods. Commercial objectives include moving through validation on the TRL scale from level 4 to level 7, going from MRL2 to MRL3 and SRL1-SRL2. The project has taken great strides forward in all respects.

During the project, 27 unique combinations of material parameters and functionalizations were prepared by Cellevate and tentatively evaluated by RISE (see Figure 1). The focus was initially on cell viability, where all material has been shown to be suitable for cell culture (see Figure 2). However, further optimization of culture protocols, material generation parameters and functionalization protocols are necessary to validate cell growth, differentiation and extraction. Despite this, the material is considered to have achieved TRL6 where use is demonstrated in a relevant environment.

The project partners hope to be able to complete this optimization within the framework of one of the already approved and initiated follow-up projects this activity has resulted in.


Cellevate AB and RISE.


The project’s total budget was 785 000 SEK.