NordicBio – Circular Nordic Bio Nonwoven in MedTech Applications

The project ran between September 2018 and May 2021.

Large quantities of disposable and fossil-based items are used in the healthcare sector. The project NordicBio – Circular Nordic Bio Nonwoven in MedTech Applications aimed to reverse that trend and has developed a nonwoven material based on cellulose fibres and mechanically recycled textiles. Other bio-based fibres that have been included in the project are hemp, flax, lyocell, and viscose.

Through the combination of Finnish and Swedish know-how, the goal was to be able to use the material in medtech applications, and that its production could be scaled up. Processes and technologies for nonwovens were developed and/or tested at both Finnish and Swedish partners, and new value chains were evaluated. Also, cleaning processes for post-consumer textiles was developed and yarn spinning processes for mechanically recycled textiles were evaluated.

Bio-based nonwoven and post-consumer-based yarns have the potential to be commercialised, however, critical properties and process parameters need to be further developed and improved. Nevertheless, the project has given the partners important knowledge and networks for future work in the area, and there is a market demand for these products.


Sweden: Wargön Innovation, RISE IVF, Cellcomb, Fiber-X, Sporda Nonwoven, Södersjukhuset (Region Stockholm Assembly)

Finland: VTT, Pure Waste Textiles (PWT)


Total Swedish budget was 2,3 MSEK and total Finnish budget from Business Finland was EUR 498 914.

Read more about the project on the Swedish project page (with parts in English).