New generation tools for sawing

The project ran between November 2019 and May 2022.

 The project’s goal has been to develop a new generation of band saw bands that lead to reduced chip losses and increased production capacity in sawmills. The project participants have been Luleå University of Technology (LTU academic party research performer), LSAB Sverige Produktion AB (manufacturer of band saw bands), Skogsägarna Norra Skog ek. for. (sawmill owner) and USNR AB (manufacturer of band saw machines). In order to achieve the goal, the project involved developing and testing new materials, new production methods and new maintenance methods for band saw bands. Furthermore, to test new (and thinner) bands in sawmill trials and new ways of handling the bands in the sawmill. All this with maintained or improved quality of the final product sawn timber. Training and new ways of working for the staff were also included.

The outcome of the project was that thinner bands began to be used. New band materials and new production methods and machines for band production have been introduced. The stability of the sawing machine has been improved by testing a new control method for feeding and establishing new maintenance routines for the bands. The sawmill staff has been trained and routine test sawings with follow-ups have been introduced at the sawmill, something that enables further improvements even after the end of the project.


Luleå University of Technology, dep. Wood technology (Skellefteå), LSAB Sverige Produktion AB (Långshyttan), Norra Skogsägarna Ek. Förening (Umeå) and USNR AB (Söderhamn).


The project’s total budget was 7,5 MSEK.