New generation tools for sawing

In this project, the aim is to develop a whole new generation of bandsawing tools and techniques that result in significantly smaller chip losses while not reducing production capacity. To develop a new generation of bandsawing tools requires more knowledge gathering, more tests and trials as well as introducing new working methods in terms of tool materials, tool manufacturing, tool maintenance and methods to control the sawmill process i.e. the operation of the bands in the sawing machine.

There is some knowledge about what is needed to reduce saw cuts, but more data and knowledge must be developed in collaboration between researchers, machine suppliers, tool manufacturers and sawmills. In addition, existing and new knowledge must be put into new types of tools and they must be tested in order to subsequently be implemented in the sawmill process and in the sawmills in practical action.

With new and refined tools follows new maintenance routines and a new or refined organization for the supervision and maintenance of tools in sawmills. The development of new or refined material qualities and the new possibilities for measuring and detecting real-time live events in saw machines that comes from the digitalization trends today give opportunities to get more knowledge of the sawing process. This makes it possible to achieve better sawing capabilities today than what was possible earlier.


Luleå tekniska universitet, avd. träteknik (Skellefteå), LSAB Sverige Produktion AB (Långshyttan), Norra Skogsägarna Ek. Förening (Umeå) and USNR AB (Söderhamn).

Budget & time plan

The project’s budget is 7,5 MSEK  and the project runs between November 2019 and May 2022.