MiniRefine – Demonstration of New Biotransport Fuel Manufacturing Processes

When working towards industrial solutions in the area of biotransport fuel manufacturing processes, the strategy to introduce bio-based raw materials in existing refinery infrastructure limits the costs and risks of investments compared to building separate biotransport fuel refineries.

This project intends to build up a new biotransport fuel manufacturing process demonstration capability given the name MiniRefine, which closely mimics currently existing full scale oil refinery infrastructure based on continuous flow fixed bed reactor technology. MiniRefine will then be used to demonstrate optimized versions of catalytic hydrotreatment and cracking processes for the manufacture of biotransport fuels having representantive quality from pyrolysis oils which have been derivatized and formulated according to new patent protected processes.

The demonstrations will move the process concepts from technology readiness (TRL-) levels 3-4 up to 5-7. The project will strongly contribute to lowering the hurdles for introducing pyrolysis oils and other bio-oils from forest and agriculture as starting materials for oil refineries.


RISE Surface, Process & Formulation, Preem AB, Fortum Power and Heat Oy and Valmet Technologies Oy.

Budget & time plan

The project’s budget is14,5 MSEK and the projects runs between 2018.10.01 and 2020.12.31.