Ligumen – all-lignin-based blend for complete bitumen replacement in cold-mix asphalt concrete preparation – step 1

Asphalt concrete is used for road and building construction all over the world. But when the asphalt is prepared, fossil-based bitumen is used as a key binder. Many attempts have been made to replace the bitumen with a durable material, such as lignin, but current technology can only partially replace bitumen. This project aims to develop a completely lignin-based mixture that contains all the physical and chemical properties of bitumen and therefore could replace bitumen in the production of cold-mixed asphalt.


Lignin Unit at RISE/Bioeconomy and Health and Potmix Products AB.

Budget & time plan

The project’s total budget is 880 000 SEK and the project runs during six months – between May 2022 and November 2022.