Lightweight, high-performance and energy-efficient hybrid natural/carbon fibre composites (Encore) – step 1

The Encore project aims to develop lightweight high-performance hybrid composites by integrating natural fibres (NFs) and carbon fibre (CF) prepreg scraps, using energy-efficient out-of-autoclave manufacturing processes.

As the first step, this hypothesis consists of proof of concept for Encore with the target of determining whether the idea is feasible for further development. The project consortium for the hypothesis includes RISE (coordinator) as the key composite material and process technology developer, Elpex a SME who has been producing high-quality roller skis since the 1980s and has strong interest in using more bio-based and recycled materials in their products, and Podcomp a company whose main business is integrated bathroom made of glass fibre/polyester composite, and now is developing more bio-based composite products for other applications. SAAB Dynamics will stand for reference group and supply CF prepreg scraps. This consortium will have full capacity to perform proof of concept tests and evaluate the feasibility of the Encore concept and its implementation in next staged.


RISE AB, Podcomp AB and Elpex AB.

Budget & time plan

The project’s total budget is 680 000 SEK and the project runs during six months – between May and November 2022.