Laser enhanced conductivity in biobased graphene films – step 1

The purpose of this project is to use lasers to improve the conductivity of bio-based graphene films. The project is based on the bio-based graphene of lignin that Bright Day Graphene (BDG) produces. The project is a collaboration between BDG, Uppsala University and Entangly. Graphene films with high electrical conductivity can be used as a transparent conductive film (TCF) in; printed flexible displays, printed organic solar cells, flexible batteries, sensor arrays and radio frequency identification tags (RFID).


Bright Day Graphene AB (BGD), Entangly AB and the Department of Chemistry- Ångström and Uppsala University (UU).

Budget & time plan

The project’s total budget is 1 MSEK and the project runs during six months – between May and November 2022.