Large scale production of Appethyl 2 as a biological appetite suppressant

The project, ”Large scale production of Appethyl 2 as a biological appetite suppressant” is based on green leaves as raw material for production of a group of products scientifically demonstrated to have effect in the application of appetite regulation and weight control.

In the project, novel solutions of process steps to isolate thylakoid membranes, where the active membrane proteins for appetite control are enriched, are scaled up from lab tests to pilot scale. The thylakoid fraction constitutes the ingredient, which thus solely is based on a biological material. The difficulty is to produce the thylakoid fraction with such purity that it easily can be formulated into consumer products. Limiting process steps has the consequence that the consumers daily dose today is high.

The technical innovation in this project has the effect that the active thylakoid fraction more than doubles in concentration with the consequence that the consumer daily dose can be reduced from 5 grams to 2 grams. The innovation leads to considerable costumer benefits and opens up for development of new products and applications. This in turn gives access to new measures of weight control which can be reached by a larger number of people. The aim is to widen the concepts of appetite regulation and weight control products. The innovation also is relevant for novel production of plant proteins as human food.


Greenleaf Medical AB, SwePharm AB and Lund University.

Budget & time plan

The project’s budget is 3 468 000 SEK and the project runs between  2018-09-21 and 2021-04-30.