Innovative fiber blends and yarn spinning techniques (a part of CITEX)

The project, which is part of the innovation project Circular Textile Innovations – Sustainable system change in the textile industry (CITEX), will investigate new fiber blend alternatives for phasing out fossil fibers, develop new fiber blends and new yarn spinning techniques. The project will develop solutions and investigate the possibilities of increasing the use of bio-based and recycled fibers in technical and high-performance textiles in the fashion industry.


Albany International, FOV Fabrics, Houdini, ICA, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Pure Waste, Rester, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Stadium, The Swedish School of Textiles – University of Borås, TreeToTextile, Trikåby and Ullkontoret.

Budget & time plan

The sub-project’s budget is 9 845 000 SEK and the project runs during 2,5 years – from December 2021 to June 2024.