In situ fibrillation of nanocellulose for cost efficient and high performing lightweight composites – step 1

The project ran between November 2021 and March 2022.

The project was initiated with an analysis of the market of suitable materials to evaluate and possible future applications. Also earlier trials from combining microcellulose and thermoplastics were analyzed to provide a better understanding of how we best achieve successful results and how to best characterize the manufactured micro/nanocomposites.

After thorough planning, the compounding was started at RISE, but early on encountered problems with inhomogeneous sample preparation. This was remedied using new processing methods and raw materials. Several series of materials were fabricated and characterized to increase the understanding of how the microcellulose is best dispersed in situ.


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB and Örebro University.


The project’s total budget was 1 MSEK.