Home compostable powder as substitute for PFAS and plastic-based barriers in food packaging – step 1

Together, the project team wanted to see if it would be possible to produce a dry powder from OranoClick’s water-based barrier formulations to be able to apply them in The Loop Factory’s dry molding process. The desired effects of the project were to replace (1) paper-based products containing fluorinated substances, (2) laminated paper products, (3) a significant part of the market in plastic packaging as the trend is very clear towards moving away from plastic that is not home-compostable at all, (4) new technology for the manufacture of 3D shaped cellulose-based packaging.  Thanks to a close dialogue between all project partners, the project was able to proceed according to plan and many good results were achieved. The first result was a confirmation of the hypothesis that powders can be produced from the aqueous formulations. One of the other great results was that a high degree of barrier can be achieved by applying the powder to fiber-based materials. One of the most important insights was the process in which the powder is applied is very important for the barrier quality. Hence, process optimization is an important next step.


OrganoClick, The Loop Factory and DUNI.


The project’s total budget was 923 000 SEK.