Fossil-free lamination foil for glass – step 1

The project ran between May and October 2021.

Ten polysaccharide-based candidate glass lamination foil materials were developed and identified in this project. Fossil-free prototype materials were designed in the laboratory to structurally imitate the existing foil materials PVB and EVA regarding adhesion to the glass surface. Furthermore, bio-degradable and partially fossil-free raw materials available on the market were tried out for this entirely new purpose. The raw materials used derive from agriculture and forest industry.

Films for lamination tests were produced from seven different material variants, showing that one of the laboratory prototypes and three commercial materials can be laminated with glass. The appearance varies from beige-yellow opaque to slightly milky but transparent. The project group has identified areas of use also for non-transparent and tinted variants. Testing and evaluation by the partners show that mechanical, optical, and thermal properties are promising but further development will be required.


RISE Innventia, OBOS Bostadsutveckling, Hornos Industriales Pujol, North East Trading, Linnaeus University, Forserum Safety Glass och Glasbranschföreningen.


The project’s total budget was 1030 kSEK.