Forest for Sport (ForeSport) – step 1

The project ran between May and December 2021.

 The hypothesis of using birch-bark as an additive to make a bio-foam material has been explored and verified. Laboratory trials using different types of foaming agents, ACA and expancel, indicated that it is indeed possible to create foam structures from a blend of polypropylene (PP) and birch bark (BB) powders. Test pieces that contain BB particles between 14 and 56 wt % have been produced. Studies on the foam structure of the test specimen have been made using microscopic imaging technique. Their mechanical properties in form of flexural strength have been measured. The relationship between the BB content and mechanical and structural characteristics have been studied. Studies regarding the operational settings, e.g. temperature, pressure load, etc. have also been performed. This project has been successfully concluded despite two necessary adjustments of the project budget and time plan.

Foam with birch bark as additive.


RISE, Holmen AB and Vik Sports AB.


The project’s total budget was 700 000 SEK.