Facade of the City, Swift, Stylish, Smart (IPOS)

The project ran between September 2017 and September 2021.

The project was a part of the innovation project IPOS. The aim of the sub-project “The Facade of the city Swift, Stylish, Smart” was to develop a facade system of pine adapted for buildings up to eight stories in an urban environment, in terms of fire safety, adaptable aesthetic design and maintenance routines. Customer requirements, building regulations and the market for facade systems were initially investigated, analyzed, and compiled. An architectural design was developed with the purpose of making the facade attractive and easy for architects to use. Solutions for design and mounting of the façade formed a technical platform that combined design, materials, maintenance with economy. Wood properties and surface treatments were studied and verified in tests to achieve fire safety and long service life.

The facade system’s functions were verified in lab tests and by small scale design prototypes. Full scale tests of the mounting of the facade system were carried out on two buildings in Luleå, whereafter mounting time and functions were evaluated. The pilot test showed that mounting was easy and quick once the builders got acquainted with the system. A full-scale fire test of the facade system was carried out with Teknos fire protection paint, which passed SP Fire 105. Overall, the façade system was developed to be market-competitive and contribute to a sustainable bio-based economy. To assure this durability and circularity have been considered both in the design and the included materials.

The work has also been documented in a film available on Youtube:


RISE, LTU, Bergströms Måleri AB. Camilla Schlyter Gezelius Arkitektkontor AB, Hedlunda Industri AB, Jotun Sverige AB, Lindbäcks Bygg AB, Lindbäcks Fastigheter Piteå AB, SCA Wood, Teknos AB and Trä i Kvadrat AB.


The project’s budget was 15 790 000 SEK.