DeProtion (IPOS)

The project ran between 2017 and 2021.

The project was a part of the innovation project IPOS. In the IPOS’ sub-project DeProtion, the aim was to look at where forest-based materials can be used in new industries, how engineers and designers can be incentiviced to use wood-based materials, and how tools from design and product development can improve profitability within wood industries. During the project, multiple case studies showed (among other things) how designers and engineers should have the technical skills to design in wood-based materials, and that tools already implemented in mechanical engineering can be used to great effect in wood industries. Interview studies also highlighted possible challenges and bottlenecks for organizations aiming to transition into circular material use and sustainable materials.


Linköping University, ITAB, Moelven and Stolab.


The project’s budget was 2,7 MSEK.