Coordination of HORIZON-JU-CBE-2024-IA-05 application

This project aims to coordinate the application for the European Union call HORIZON-JU-CBE-2024-IA-05: Selective and sustainable (co)-production of lignin-derived aromatics. With this support, the project aims to assemble a diverse and capable consortium of experts, industry partners, and research institutions and write a winning proposal.

In the envisioned EU project, the objective is to optimize and scale up two proprietary lignin depolymerization processes. The aim is to produce diverse streams of lignin-based aromatic molecules. Following this, the project intends to validate the upcycling of these streams into different high value biochemicals such as bio-based adhesives, coating for wood-based panels and particle boards, di-carboxylic acid monomer such as adipic acid (precursor of nylon 66), antioxidant mixture with applications in rubber, lubricant, and personal care products etc.

The production of high-value bio-aromatic compounds for use in various industries, including rubber, fuels, lubricants, polymer, specialty chemicals, and cosmetics, will foster economic growth, create green jobs, and enhance local economies, particularly in rural areas. This initiative promotes sustainability, environmental stewardship, and the circular economy by converting waste streams into valuable resources. The collaboration among researchers, industry partners, and policymakers will drive systemic change, leading to a more sustainable and equitable bio-based social economy.


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB.

Budget & time plan

The project’s total budget is 715 000 SEK and the project runs for five months – between May and September 2024.