Commercial applications with innovative green graphene made from biomass – step 2

Bright Day Graphene has developed a process for producing a sustainable graphene from biomass; Green Graphene. In this project, we want to improve a pre-step to the production process to make it more efficient. We also want to explore the possibility of using our green graphene, that has unique properties, in applications. One part of this project is to explore the possibility to use our graphene material as a packaging barrier. We will do this together with OptiPack, who has a goal to offer products that are 100% from renewable sources, since this is a high customer demand for them. Together with Alfa Laval we will explore another possible application; a coating that will provide an antibacterial surface. Such a surface is interesting in all areas where one wants to avoid biofouling. The project will also conduct a market study for these new application areas and produce a sustainability analysis for the entire green graphene life cycle.


Bright Day Graphene, RISE, Alfa Laval and OptiPack.

Budget & time plan

The project’s total budget is 5 MSEK and the project runs from November 2020 to February 2022.

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