BioPitch – step 2

The project ran between October 2019 and October 2022.

The overall societal problem that the BioPitch project has aimed to solve has been to develop an environmentally sustainable performance material for artificial turf pitches. The project’s approach has been to create a material that can replace the plastic and rubber granules that are currently used. The goal has been to develop a product with a low CO2 footprint and a low fossil content.

By using raw materials from forest waste, the project has developed a product that can replace today’s fossil performance materials. The product is FIFA approved.

The commercial success, and with that the expected environmental effects for society, will be determined by next year’s decision taken by the EU Parliament, regarding performance materials for artificial turf pitches and what polymeric materials that will be allowed. If EU decides to put a ban on sales of all synthetically produced polymer materials, also BioPitch will be affected.


Stockholm Football Association, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Sveaskog, Lignin Industries (former RenCom), SportsLabs and the Municipalities of Stockholm, Solna and Karlstad.


The project’s budget was 9 MKR.

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